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The Sonda Journal, in its endeavour to guarantee the ethics and rigour of its content, draws on the   Ethical and good practice statement that the Universitat Politècnica de València uses to promote the open edition of scientific digital journals:

To promote the open edition of digital journals, UPV sees it as its duty to ensure the transfer of scientific knowledge, ensuring the rigour and quality thereof, under an ethical commitment to the scientific and academic community. The protocols and guidelines described herein include good practices commonly used in publishers of international standing.
Along these lines the Code of Conduct is used as reference, which, for editors of scientific journals, the Publications Ethics Committee (COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics) has established.
Obligations and responsibilities.
The Sonda Journal is committed to:
• guarantee the quality of the material it publishes • guarantee freedom of expression • maintain the academic integrity of its content, ensuring that the material published conforms to internationally accepted ethical standards.
• Be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when necessary.
Obligations of the authors The authors shall guarantee the authorship of the documents they present, both texts and images. Authorship shall correspond to those who have made a significant contribution in the work. If the work has significant contributions from more than one author, they should appear as co-authors.
The authors must provide their contact information to facilitate the communication with other researchers in relation to the work published. This information shall be disseminated with the same.
Originality and plagiarism The authors must guarantee that they have the rights of the images they include in their work, as well as having used the right of citation, in compliance with the Intellectual Property Law of Spanish legislation.
Those papers in which plagiarism is detected shall be rejected. Likewise, an author must not present any papers that essentially describe the same work that has already been published in another paper.
Peer review process The decisions of the members of the editorial committee to accept or reject a document for publication are solely based on the relevance of the paper, its originality and clarity of presentation, as well as on the relevance of the study regarding the editorial line.
It is hereby guaranteed that the material sent for publication shall be reserved and confidential while it is assessed and, in the case of being rejected, it shall never be made public by any of the assessment members.
The identity of the assessing team is protected at all times, guaranteeing their anonymity.
Complaints The Sonda Journal is committed to respond quickly to any complaints that may arise. In any case, should the interested party fail to satisfy its complaint, they shall be entitled to raise their claim to other authorities.

Protection of individual data The Sonda Journal guarantees the confidentiality of individual information. The authors shall be ultimately responsible to have the relevant authorisations for the use of the images and trademarks that appear in their works, as well as other personal data (age, gender, social status, etc.).
Monitoring of bad practices The Sonda Journal undertakes its obligation to act accordingly in case of suspicion of bad practices or inappropriate behaviour. Those papers that raise doubts about possible misconduct shall be rejected.
All reasonable effort shall be made to ensure that the work submitted for assessment is rigorous and ethically adequate.
Integrity and academic rigour Every time there is evidence that a paper published contains major inaccuracies, misleading or distorted statements, it shall be corrected immediately.
If any work whose content is fraudulent is detected, it shall be removed as soon as it is detected, immediately informing readers as well as the indexing systems of the same.
Any author, reader or evaluator may send their complaints through the following email address:

To support the reviewers’ review work in the face of possible plagiarism, the Similarity Check platform will be used and all papers submitted will be checked by evaluating the report obtained through it.

The works published in Sonda are carried out under a Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. They may be copied, used, disseminated, transferred and exposed publicly, provided that: i) the authorship and the original source of its publication (journal, editorial and URL of the work); ii) are not used for commercial purposes; iii) the existence and specifications of this license are mentioned.

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